We help you assess the market potential of your product and develop a comprehensive market insight of the specific country or countries that you want your business to grow in. We help our customer set their strategic vision. We assist our customers to reach their clients, helping them find the decision maker of the company they have targeted as potential clients and generating sales leads. Cold calling, making contacts, and finding client referrals are some of the most time consuming aspects of establishing new sale leads, particularly in a different language. We can help.

Often products are regulated and need to meet certain standards or qualities to be marketed in a certain country. We will work with our local contacts to give you a report of the regulations affecting your products.

We can also obtain information specifically concerning the market you want to enter, product relevance and differentiation from existing products.

Graphics arts – non certified translation adjusted for your target market. We can create or adapt your power point presentations, documents, brochures, website text, etc.