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About us

At Danta Group LLC we offer the appropriate digital solution that helps companies have a successful digital marketing strategy; we are devoted to your business growth and to be your source of fresh ideas and implementation of your digital marketing strategy.

What we sell is digital income generating tools for your business.

We believe in supporting companies to reach current and new customers with tools that they can benefit and add value; we want to bring you new customers that are going to stick for the long run.

We understand that as technology evolves, the tools at hand to reach new markets do as well. From mobile platforms to the internet and social media, we got you covered.

Now more than ever, Marketing has to be fluid and dynamic, creating new an entertaining content to engage customers and develop awareness of your products or services either for internal or external customers.

We want to work for you, we can develop, update and make your website relevant for your visitor, not only that, but we give you all of what you need to make your digital presence a reality in a one-stop shop. We provide you with your website, email, contact forms, hosting, multilingual content, content development, logos, banners, we use the right words and take care of your SEO and manage your social outlets.

Danta Group LLC  based out of the beautiful and cosmopolitan Houston Texas offers a one-stop solution for Small business and provide a bridge to the digital marketing world. We can create, monitor and maintain your digital outlets. So that you can focus your efforts on what you do best, your business.

We are passionate about Marketing and giving you the right solution; our work is our pride. Leave it in our hands; we will do it right.


The DTGP way!

What we do

1. Help you get found, who does not use the internet to see what they required.
2. A fantastic and functional website designed and developed with multiple cutting-edge technologies.
3. What do we offer; digital income generating tools for your business.
4. How we do it, lots of love, passion and hard work.


Custom Web Applications and websites

Pricing varies per project.
  • All contracts state the agreed upon design fees, setup fees, and subsequent charges.

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