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Danta-LMS Learning Management System 

What it is an LMS? 

A learning management system or LMS is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation, and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs.

Who can benefit from an LMS? 

Private companies, Schools, University, Churches or any organization in need to provide training, learning, and knowledge sharing that required access 24/7 from anywhere. 

Creating learning content is only part of what a good course management system (CMS) must do.  The CMS must manage learners in a variety of ways.  Learner management includes:

  • Access to information about learners in a course.
  • Ability to segment participants into groups.
  • Site, course, and user calendar event scheduling.
  • Applying scales to different learner activities.
  • Managing grades.
  • Tracking user access logs.
  • And uploading external files for use within the course
Moodle Dashboard Danta Texas LMS

Benefits Learning Management System

  • Organize e-learning content
  • Manage students and courses
  • Cost (open-source software)
  • Accessibility anywhere and at any time
  • Consistency and high-quality content for all students
  • Tracking progress of students with analytics and reports
  • Face to face, online and hybrid learning.
  • Save time and money in the management of large clusters of information in a user-friendly, web-based application
  • No more multiple logins.
  • Students can access grades, assignments, content, and manage their learning process
  • Talent management
  • Create content from existing resources
  • Content can be reused with different students
  • Enrollment and student authentication, it’s simple and secured

Students find it easy to navigate the course homepage in their browser; intuitive “breadcrumb” links are always present. Login occurs on a familiar screen. Initial account set up by the student or administrator.

Students can log in any time, anywhere to interact with coursework, and can specify the Time Zone and Language they wish to use. We have interface support for over 70 languages.

An LMS helps business trainers, teachers, and consultants to create high quality integrated course, articles, tests, track progress, create a branded environment, easily sharing objectives and community learning.

We use Moodle to develop a modern interface integrated with the most cutting-edge communication technologies available, providing the students with a user-friendly tool that will support engagement in a reliable and user-friendly hybrid learning environment.

Our LMS is all about communities and is design with participation in mind, course participants are encouraged to establish a personalized online identity, to share their ideas, and to play an active role in learning experiences.

Workgroups can be created that support peer assessment and feedback. Learning groups can be defined in a way that they proceed as cohorts through lesson activities, where they are made visible or separate from other groups sharing the same course. Courses can be shared by multiple teachers, tutors, and facilitators.

Our solution provides teacher/trainers with an intuitive editing interface. Introducing new learning activities is as simple as selecting items from a drop-down box.

Danta LMS runs on many platforms including: Linux, Windows XP, Mac OS X and more

Is your organization ready, why not try our services right now? 

If your organization is ready or needs to support an online learning population, here is an opportunity to take your research to the next level.  Please let us know how we can help you [email protected] 

tooltip text
Assignment N

Used to assign online or offline tasks; learners can submit tasks in any file format (e.g. MS Office, PDF, image, a/v etc.).

Chat v

Allows real-time synchronous communication

Lesson E

Allows instructor to create and manage a set of linked “Pages”. Each page can end with a question. The student chooses one answer from a set of answers and either goes forward, backward or stays in the same place in the lesson.

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