Curriculum vitae 

Jose Alejandro

Strategic Project Manager & Catalyst for Increased Productivity, Efficiency & Profitability.

Recognized for demonstrated leadership abilities. Creates order out of chaos, effectively winning cooperation at all levels. Works successfully for global companies for +10 years, performing a variety of positions in sales and marketing. Possesses a dynamic and versatile skill sets, resulting in a high-level efficiency and productivity. Known for perseverance and for having a positive, encouraging attitude in the workplace.



Strategic Sales | Project Management | Planning & Analysis | Quality Assurance | Spanish & English Fluency | Marketing | Digital Marketing | Social Media | Lead Generation | Forecasting | Customer Relationship Management

Highlights Of Qualifications

Collaborates with cross-functional teams to research potential market penetration, competitive benchmark products, brand identity, and consumer demand.
▸ Leads initiatives in product development projects from conception to product production launch.
▸ Drives improvement and communication with regard to teamwork and development.
▸ Experience in developing marketing materials, Point of Sale (POS) materials, and websites for clients.

Professional Experience

2015 – Present

Collaborates with senior sales, engineering, and other departments to create best practices marketing initiatives and media positioning for vertical markets.

Devises and deploys online marketing plans with effective Search Engine Optimization, social media, and viral video campaign strategies.

Develops advertising plans and collaborates on SEO optimization efforts to increase public exposure and enhance brand awareness for companies.

Improves product marketing objectives by constructing communication initiatives and branding strategies to increase client outreach.

2011 – 2014

Led development projects for new products; followed through from concept to production launch. Developed new business opportunities resulting in an increase in sales within the region.
Collaborated with cross-functional teams to research potential market penetration, competitive benchmark products, brand identity, and consumer demand.
Developed marketing material, labels, Point of Sale materials, and websites for customers representing different markets across Latin America.
Minimized stock shortages and improved adherence to schedule and timelines.

2010 – 2011

Developed marketing material, labels, and websites for customers. Conducted a production forecast for the region, coordinated new product launches, and provided sales monitoring and analysis.

  • Increased service and communication by 12% by implementing strategic reorganization plans and streamlining organizational procedures.
  • Supported account development and managed existing and new accounts in the Latin American region (Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and Peru)
  • Played an active role in efforts to improve communication and service level between Perrigo Mx and PBM Products operation from 87% to 99%

2008 – 2010

Coordinated/implemented media and marketing plans, including TV, Radio, and Newspapers. Developed and managed strategic partnerships with newspapers in El Salvador and Guatemala. Obtained/retained new sponsors in the region.

  • Performed Quality Assurance evaluations of company publications in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras.
  • Conducted market research in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, and Colombia.
  • Organized/ managed yearly international soccer tournament for Texaco.
  • Finalized deal with largest TV broadcasters in the region; broadcasted the Super Estrikas animated series to promote the Texaco Brand locally.
  • Completed several exchange deals with TV broadcasters and radio to air promotional ads.


Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration & Informatics, Universidad Galileo Guatemala

Associates Degree in Business, Diploma in Office Automation

Candidate Master in Reengineering Process & Quality.

Candidate Post-graduate in Business Engineering & Assurance.

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