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We are looking for business partners / independent sales representatives / resellers / agencies in Mexico. 

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Do you need a bilingual website in Texas for your business?

Do you need a bilingual website in Texas for your business?

June 30, 2021

A website in Spanish and English (bilingual) will allow you to reach a larger audience and sell to a larger base of potential customers. 

Adding Spanish to your website will increase your reach and increment your sales, Texas has an estimated 11 million people of Hispanic descent.

Let’s start boosting your potential customers with a website in English and Spanish. 

Another benefit is that even if your visitors have English as a second language, creating a bilingual site will definitely make it easy for them to understand your services and products and that you are interested in engaging with them.  Just that is a fantastic way to show your potential customers that you mean business. 

Adding Spanish to your website will increase your reach and increment your sales, Texas has an estimated 11 million people of Hispanic descent.


Get your bilingual site today!

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Why at Danta we do Digital Marketing & Website Design?

The Why? 

My name is Alejandro and Danta is my project. Danta started with our digital marketing services when a childhood friend visited us in Houston with his wife and during dinner, he asked me if I could help him with a website for his business.

Of course, I jumped at the opportunity and said yes. First because I do enjoy being of service, and second sounded like a cool new project.

My previous experience was with my website that took a lot of work before it worked, but when it did, it was a great feeling of achievement. There are a lot of option to choose and at the end building a website is something fun to learn, but that many options can be deceiving as well, and you end up investing more time in something that does not add as much value as your other activities as business owner. 

Imagine learning about DNS configuration, Hosting, the right name for your domain, SEO, HTML, CSS, JS, Linux, Google Analytics, Google webmaster, Bing, Google Ads, Social networks, and the list keeps and going.

It was like a kid in a candy store, super exciting! Combined with my previous experience as a product manager at Perrigo company in Charlottesville, VA, it was a match made in heaven.

The topic of technology, digital marketing, and web development is something that I have always liked.

Learning about it is something fun, mainly that by doing a good job I could see how the tools developed for my clients have helped them to increase their respective businesses.


Get a professional website for your small, medium, or large business in Houston.

Houston, Austin, and San Antonio Small business website design. 

Professional website, hosting, and email for your business.

Meet your Lone Star State web design agency. We have a website for your industry. 

We believe in making websites affordable and accessible for small business owners, and at a fantastic price.

We know the challenges that small businesses endure for surviving and thriving: for example finding new customers, brand awareness, and lead generation.

@Danta we do not offer a silver bullet. We offer well-made digital tools that combined with hard work will help your business grow and transform your customer’s experience of your products and services.

What we do offer is to support you every step of the way, provide you the best reliable solutions, competitive prices, and no hidden fees. We do our best to provide the highest quality, value, and be honest and fair with our dealings.

Interested learn how can we help your business? Let’s talk.

Website Design in Texas

Websites design, crafted and optimized for aerospace & aviation, oil and gas companies, Life Sciences & Biotechnology, Transportation & Logistics, consultants, marketing agencies, lawyers and international corporations.  

Image of Houston Skyline
Wind farm in texas for Danta Website Post

Houston the energy capital of the world, Danta your web design partner. 

We are an experienced and competent team of web designers who provide you with well-made functional and professional websites for every segment of the energy industry including petrochemical and renewables. 

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