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Web Development to increase online sales.

Having a website is not enough if you have a site that has a lot of visits but does not translate in sales or new potential customers; there is something wrong. 

Ideally, you want all of the traffic that visits your website to contact you or better yet to buy from your business, if you see in your site reports a lot of traffic and no conversion, there is an issue that must be address. 

Ping pointing what needs to be fixed might be challenging as several variables may affect a possible customer in making a desition to buy your products, mainly because you might have just seconds to create a positive impression (no more than 9 seconds). This means that your potential customers will decide on your brand and credibility based on how good and easy to use is your website. 

To make a website that will translate in your customers spending time reviewing and investigating your product you have to take into consideration; Design, Colors (ever wonder why Amazon uses orange?), Functionality, Value proposition, Symbols of trust, Easy means of communication with your business. 

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