To answer this question, the first thing that comes to mind is that your customer would perceive that you put effort into making the best information about your company available. Also if your business requires any application, making it available online is just perfect as it reduces the time you invest in your internal process, helps you keep your information organized and up to date in a database.

Per example if you need a website for a recruiting company, and you require that the new candidates send you their information, it will be more convenient if the candidate upload their CV and complete any needed form online, instead of having the info dispersed in several computers you have it in a database for your secure access.

You can keep your customers updated with your company news, new products, any relevant information that you want them to have, your website will be the perfect place to have it available.

Your website can be an excellent tool for your business, as it can help you with your marketing strategy, as well as to make your operation functional and approachable.

I don’t know you, but when I see someone sending me emails from a google account that I do not know, my first thought is hackers. Yes, your website and domain will give you credibility and will help you develop trust with your potential customers.

A website becomes the face of your company; I am quite sure that you don’t pay for that overly expensive office just because you did not know where else to put your money, image matters so don’t have an old boring website.

You need to sell online, no problem, your website is the perfect tool as it is an excellent asset for e-commerce.

Communicate to your customers, in every relationship the most significant factor to make it successful is communication, with the right mix of social media and your website, this can be achieved as it opens a channel to get to know your customers.

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